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[Warning] Beware of Fake SNS Accounts and Advertisements Posing as Official SNS Accounts of SBI Crypto, SBI Group Companies, or SBI Officers and Employees.

Fake SNS accounts and advertisements have been found on Facebook, Instagram, X (formerly Twitter), LINE, and others, posing as the official accounts of SBI Group companies, officers, and employees. In particular, we have confirmed several fake accounts and advertisements impersonating Yoshitaka Kitao, President of the SBI Group, and we urge our users to exercise caution. In addition, similar fake advertisements have been confirmed on some websites and apps. Fake accounts and advertisements may lead you to fraudulent websites, obtain or misuse your personal information, or cause you to become a victim of fraud, so please be careful not to access them.

The official SNS accounts are as follows:

Yoshitaka Kitao Official Facebook account


Yoshitaka Kitao Official X (Formerly Twitter) account


SBI Crypto Official X (Formerly Twitter) account