Bitcoin Mining

About us

SBI Crypto Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of SBI Holdings Inc. (publicly listed on TSE), which provides cryptocurrency mining services to a global userbase (such as a mining pool, mining advisory and placement services, financing services), as well as operates its own proprietary fleet of cryptocurrency mining machines. SBI Holdings Inc. owns the SBI Group which is an international financial conglomerate primarily based in Japan. The SBI Group has three core businesses: Financial Services, Asset Management, and Biotechnology Related Businesses.


Utilizing experience building several hundred megawatts of datacenters and relationships developed with major miner and equipment manufacturers, we offer professional consulting services for institutions looking to enter the mining industry.

FFPS Mining Pool

Mine with a 0% fee FPPS mining pool for BTC/BCH/BSV with more transparency and higher rewards to help you reach new heights.

Financial Services

Through SBI Group and our partners we can provide bespoke financial services such as interest-earning accounts and miner/datacenter financing. Contact us at support @sbicrypto to learn more.


Some of our Partners