Senior Database Administrator

What you'll be doing
~90% of your time will be spent administering Postgres databases in production environments. Building, maintaining, optimizing, managing backups, recoveries, and migrations. The other 10% will be supporting the team that works with you to help them successfully deliver projects, advance their skills, and to instill good data handling and management principles.

We do the general agile-esque style of development, so it's going to be completing task tickets, interacting with QA regarding bugs, writing tests, and otherwise ensuring that our databases are resilient, fault tolerant, and maintain an extreme level of data integrity.

The number of years that you've been working doesn't matter as much as the quality and depth of that experience. We welcome strong leadership qualities, and those that show initiative.

What we're using We use PostgreSQL to support applications built with Spring Boot and Java 11, and Hibernate, among others. There are local and cloud deployments that need increased levels of automation, testing, and maintenance.

There is a lot of opportunity to keep being deep with Postgres with a modern Java stack, and a great team to do that with. As the senior database administrator, the team will be looking to you for all things database.

What you need to have

  • Deep knowledge of PostgreSQL in production
  • Expert in backup, replication, and recovery processes in production
  • Solid understanding of Hibernate and Liquibase with connection hooks.
  • At minimum, a solid understanding of performance tuning
  • Solid understanding of Java connection pooling
  • Solid understanding of transactions, advisory locks, and isolation levels
  • Understanding of DevOps with Ansible
  • You need to arrive ready with difficult lessons, horror stories (and what you learned from them), and hard won successes from the history of your career.

What would be even better

  • AWS RDS knowledge
  • Strong preference for key contributors in building out high availability (five 9’s) systems
  • Knowledgeable about cryptocurrencies, blockchain technology, and their relationships with databases
  • Multilingual! N2 Level Japanese with business English, or business Japanese and with business English
  • Experience in mentoring other database admins

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