DevOps Engineer

What you'll be doing
~80% of your time will be spent building, maintaining, and improving the operations (cloud and bare metal) for a cryptocurrency FinTech platform project. The other 20% will be supporting the team that works for you to help them successfully deliver projects, advance their skills and careers, and to instill good software development principles. This means a lot of testing, helping people with their testing, supporting QA with their testing, ensuring that our infrastructure is resistant to failure, and is deployed securely.

We do the general agile-esque style of development, so it's going to be completing task tickets, interaction with QA regarding bugs, writing tests, and otherwise writing out various bits of required infra and ops work that will stand the test of time.

The number of years that you've been developing and operating software platforms doesn't matter as much as everything else does.

What we're using
Spring Boot 2 w/Java 11, Hibernate, Liquibase, PostgreSQL, Ansible, and Terraform, among others running on Ubuntu. There are local and cloud deployments that need increased levels of automation, testing, and maintenance.

There is a lot of opportunity to get in deep with modern DevOps stacks, and build scalable, maintainable software from the ground up.

What you need to be

  • Deep knowledge in at least one devops stack in production
  • Implemented and maintained production provisioning, installs, upgrades, and data migrations
  • Implemented and maintained production monitoring, alerting, red alert triage and run books, and emergency management
  • Solid understanding of cloud provisioning via Terraform and Ansible
  • Proven leadership experience

What would be even better

  • OSS contributor to major packages, or maintaining your own
  • Knowledgeable about cryptocurrencies, blockchain technology, and the supporting software
  • Bilingual(ish)! N2 Level Japanese with business English, or business Japanese and with fluent English
  • Experience in mentoring other developers

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